Providing Signage to Nova Scotia since 1999.
Nova Scotia is surroundedby salt water. And everything we do, and everywhere we go within this beautiful Canadian province, we live 'the Salt Life". Whether it's the fishing industry, baking in the sun on our wonderful beaches, or simply taking a Sunday drive, the 'Salt Life' is a part of our everyday. Pleasantville Signs has T-shirts, Hoodies, Decals and License Plates and photographs to show the world that the good life is the 'Salt Life'. These products are available at : Fisherman's Museum, Lunenburg; Pineapple Creek, Bridgewater Mall; Tooie's Country Store, Yarmouth.
15116 Hwy 3, Auto Row, Hebbville (behind Apple Auto Glass)
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Fisherman's Museum,Lunenburg
Pineapple Creek, Bridgewater
Tooie's Country Store, Yarmouth